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Activity Club for Singles

Outdoors and Active, Inc. is a non-profit group of Orlando area professional singles that enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. Some of our outdoor activities include bike riding, camping, paddling and golf.  We organize events such as weekend get-aways, ship cruises, happy hours, house parties, Orlando restaurant outings, fishing trips, board-game nights, dancing and theater.  Virtually all our events are non-smoking. Whatever you like to do, we like to do!  Membership and activities are open to singles - legally divorced, widowed, or never married - over the age of 21. VIEW ALL ACTIVITIES

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Our Purpose

  • To plan and organize social events in the Orlando area for our members
  • To foster friendship and support among our members
  • To advertise and publicize our club to increase membership
  • To Have Fun!
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Outdoors and Active has made it possible for me to meet other singles in the Orlando area and helped me to make friends with those who I have something in common with. It has also given me activities to look forward to that I wouldn't have done without this club. The trips that the club sponsors are good too, because they allow people to go together who otherwise would have to travel alone. I have joined other clubs but it is my opinion the nicest and most professional people belong the Outdoors and Active singles group.
O&A Member
At the time of my divorce I was quite uncertain of myself, but I enjoyed tennis. I ventured out to tennis with Outdoors and Active and felt so comfortable and in control. This activity became the anchor of my week. I looked forward to getting some exercise and seeing my new friends every Friday night. As time went on I ventured out to other of the many singles activities with O&A members. I would pick and chose what events I would attend. I have enjoyed trying new experiences and especially meeting new people that I would not have ordinarily come in contact with. I have made some wonderful friends in the Outdoors and Active, both male and female.
O&A Member
I was divorced and single for the first time in 12 years. I was not ready to date, but wanted and needed some social activity. I found Outdoors and Active to provide many events and activities that I didn't feel pressured or a "fifth wheel". I was able to go canoeing with a group and actually have fun. I attended an Outdoors and Active Happy Hour and met some more members. For the times that I wanted to relax, a movie night with a group of O & A singles was just the ticket. I attended a dinner at one of the local restaurants with some members and we had some great discussions. What a great group of people belong to Outdoors and Active!
O&A Member
Outdoors and Active gives me the opportunity to meet many different singles and form great friendships. I have also had the chance to do different things that I would not have done it were not for Outdoors and Active.
O&A Member
I joined a few singles groups after getting divorced. I always felt pressured and uneasy. I went to a few Outdoors and Active events and realized that this group was very different. No pressure, just fun and with some very nice people. My membership in Outdoors and Active is a must. The events are always great and lots of events to choose from. I go to the ones that I like and meet other singles with similar interests.
O&A Member
Outdoors and Active has been important to me as a social outlet. I have been exposed to a variety of activities since joining that have been both enjoyable and rewarding. I look forward to continuing membership as I would miss the camaraderie. It has been a positive, pleasant experience. It's been a wonderful way to go to the many events in the Orlando area with other singles.
O&A Member
I joined Outdoors and Active because I wanted to become more active. I raised my children, have more time, and wanted to restart on an active footing. The name implied that I would be with others looking to stay active in the middle years and the social aspect seemed perfect.
O&A Member
I joined for friendship, fun and a social life. It has enabled me to go places, do things, and meet people that I otherwise wouldn't have.
O&A Member
I joined Outdoors and Active to meet people and see different places with a group. I enjoy game nights and canoe trips.
O&A Member

2015 membership was 200+!

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